Think Classic Arcades are Dead? Tell it to Star Worlds!
Posted by: James McGovern



Our man James Hills was driving around Dekalb, Il. recently and to his amazement he spotted this little gem called Star Worlds Arcade. James must have thought he was in a serious timewarp as the location had a "OPEN" sign on the door. Sadly, he was running very late for an appointment and could not stop in (man that must have hurt), but he sent us a link with a promise to head back soon for a full report.

Once you check out the website and see the photos from inside the arcade you will think they were taken 15 years ago. The place is a living time capsule of classic arcade games and atmosphere. We can't wait to hear more about this location, if you've had the oppourtunity to check them out please let us know!

Star Worlds Arcade Main Site

Star Worlds Arcade Photos

An Article About the Location from Midweek News



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